Danesh is a tool to help
people explore, explain and experiment with procedural generators

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Danesh is open source on GitHub! We're working on a Unity Asset Store entry too.

About Danesh

Danesh is a Unity plugin designed to make it easier to learn about and work with procedural generators. It already has some cool features, and we have lots more planned.


Rapidly generate content and tweak variables to see the effects

...And Test

Describe things you want to see in your content, and let Danesh measure it

Look Closer

Create interactive visualisations of what your generator is doing

Let Danesh Help!

Let Danesh automatically find variable settings to achieve certain goals

Find Out More

If you're interested, you can read more about Danesh in the following papers:

Towards The Automatic Optimisation Of Procedural Content Generators [PDF]
Computational Intelligence in Games (CIG), 2016

Danesh: Helping bridge the gap between procedural generators and their output [PDF]
Procedural Generation Workshop at FDG, 2016

We're hoping to get some brand new tutorials and videos ready about Danesh really soon.



Danesh is primarily developed by Michael Cook (@mtrc on Twitter),
a researcher from Falmouth University's Metamakers Institute.

You can email him at cutgarnet -at- gmail.com